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Art of Masters

Art of Masters – RolePlayMMO based on anime and ranobe Sword Art Online. The game is a prototype mechanic, and the location of the action is chosen as the most suitable for the concept.
Alpha testing will be conducted in the format of MBT, that is, anyone can register on the site and enter the game, but since this is a RolePlay game, you need to come up with a story for your character, that is, who he is and why he started playing. The number of seats on the server is limited. The MBT is planned to be held within one to two months.

The plot and place of action of the game is based on the history of "Alicization". The plot will be slightly modified for the possibility of mass passage.

A big open world.
There is no division into classes, a player can play any role, and also combine them.
The ability to create your own guilds.
Ability to buy different buildings.
A player can create shops and shops selling items and services.
The game has several endings, depending on the actions of all players.

Screenshots of the demo version:

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